giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

Medieval Women

Medieval Women: sources
Dr. Vess's Medieval Monasticism Web site contains quite a bit of information on women in the medieval world. See especially the pages on Benedictine Monasticism, Anglo-Saxon Monasticism, Merovingian Monasticism, Medieval monastic women, and Irish monasticism for materials related to women in the Middle Ages.
The Beguines
Feminae Medieval Women and Gender Index great place to do a bibliographic search. indexes articles relating to several geographic regions.
Medieval women page from Georgetown Labyrinth. several dead links. no longer actively maintained.
Monastic Matrix set of resources for the study of medieval monastic women.
Interactive Exploration of Medieval and Renaissance Women
Several primary sources relating to women in medieval Europe from the Internet Women's History Sourcebook
Monographs, articles and other resources on medieval women from Questia.
Dominion and Domination of the Gentle Sex: The Lives of Medieval Women a thinkquest site.

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