lunedì 12 febbraio 2007

Medieval Music

Medieval Music of Cyprus
Cyprus was an ideal staging area during the crusades, a vital point of supply and a strategically important bastion for the Western armies. It also offered first-rate harbours (Famagusta for example) only two-days' sailing from the Egyptian coast and mere hours from Syria. Cyprus' climate, foodstuffsand raw materials made it a paradise on earth. In 14th century French poetry, the island was frequently referred to as "Engaddy, la precieuse vigne" (Engaddy, the precious vine).
During the Third Crusade, Richard the Lion-Hearted was unable to resist the island's charms, and in 1191 added it to his possessions. A year later he sold it to the Templars for œ40,000. Unable to afford the luxury of a private island they resoldit to the dispossessed king of Jerusalem, Guy de Lusignan, scion of a noble French family from the Poitou region.
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