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Medieval Monastery in Taillin

Medieval Monastery in Taillin
In the Middle Ages, universities and the Cologne Monastery, established in 1221, were the centre of the Dominicans and of Western European science. It was in the universities where most recognised scholars of that era held their lectures and gradually, educational traditions of the Paris, Oxford and Cologne scholastics reached Estonia with the Dominican friars in the beginning of the 13th century.The Mauritian Institute, the Center of Medieval Spirituality and the Tallinn City Museum have put together a set of programs for tourists such as the :

is a program that introduces the Dominican Monastery in Tallinn by exhibiting parts of the building that have firmly stood the test of time and are of great historical interest. As confirmed by art historians (E. Tool-Marran, The dominican monastery in Tallinn, p. 49), „rooms still remaining from the three-winged Claustrum can be found in the east wing where the most specific and also the most important rooms of the monastery – Sacristy, chapter room, dormitory for monks, prior's living quarters, library, refectory, etc. – were located
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