venerdì 22 giugno 2007

Medieval holiday and festivals - Sighisoara, the best preserved and still inhabited medieval citadel in Europe
Shepherds Meeting on Mount Jina - a live insight on Transylvania’s traditions and customs.
The most famous Romanian Castles - always a good reason to travel to Transylvania - Peles Castle the most beautiful royal residences in Europe and Bran Castle - the place where Vlad the Impaller, also known as Dracula, was arrested and imprisoned.
Biertan - architectural jewellery, famous for its Fortified Church, you’ll find here the finest selection of handicraft in Romania.
Sibiu - chosen as the European Cultural capital of 2007, former Saxons capital in Transylvania, and its renown Village Museum.
Bears Cave - got its name from the skeletons of some very old species of bear (Ursus Spelaeus) that were found here.
Bicazului Gorges - the highest Romanian gorges and the famous Red Lake also called Killer Lake due to the pine trees that point out of the water like a forest of stakes.
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