lunedì 19 maggio 2008

Medieval Realism

Medieval Realism
Take yourself back in time with quality medieval clothing.
Good morrow my Lord and my Lady. "An thou wouldst play the part, Thou must dress the part!" Still don't know what to wear to the upcoming Ren Faire? Realm Collections offers the most beauteous and marvelous collection of medieval clothing and Celtic jewelry. Thou doth be most marvelous comely.

Act out a medieval scene with a knight sword, armor or shield.
You brewed the mead, prepared pygge y-farsyd, made your famous frytour blaunched; the only thing that is missing for the medieval reenactment is garb and accessories. Selection of SCA armor, medieval weaponry, functional medieval swords and shields - all under one roof. Now you're ready to recreate the civilian life of middle ages.

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