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Medieval ships

Medieval Ships
In May 1990 a wreck of an unknown ship was discovered in the course of the dredging of the left bank of the
Pärnu River by a newly built pier of the yacht club. The wreck lay embedded under a 30-40 cm layer of mud at the depth of 1.5 m of water. Before dredging was stopped temporarily, a certain amount of fragments of the ship's planks and ribs were taken ashore by an excavator.On May 24, 1990, a preliminary inspection of the wreck site was carried out by the researchers of the
Estonian Maritime Museum . Having seen that the ship's wood was black oak, the researchers decided that the find would need most serious attention and detailed investigation, so the digging of the river bottom could not be continued.In July a thoroughgoing research of the wreck was made. The site of the object was explored by means of iron rods and the measurements of the find were ascertained.
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