giovedì 1 marzo 2007

Medieval Lyric

The Medieval Lyric
The Medieval Lyric, a set of Anthologies and compact discs, and Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology, a CD-ROM application, offer to interested colleagues a variety of materials for the teaching of medieval song. These materials include recordings of the songs, modern musical and textual transcriptions and facing English translations, selected readings for pronunciation, and related manuscript images. Brief commentaries and longer essays by noted scholars show how the materials can be adapted to different types of courses.The repertories stretch from the 11th to the 14th centuries and include monastic songs from Saint Martial of Limoges; troubadour and trouvère songs; songs and miracles by Gautier de Coinci (in Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology only); Guillaume de Machaut, Remede de Fortune; songs from Germany and England (in The Medieval Lyric only); and selected Cantigas of Alfonso X, the Learned (in Teaching Medieval Lyric with Modern Technology only).
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